Mrs. Harshada Madan Modi, Om Sai Mahila Bachat Gat

With the hope of getting some work or job, Harshada Modi moved to Pune with her husband and two children. When she came to Pune, her monthly domestic expenditure was about 5 to 6 thousand rupees. Her sole aim for her children was for them to have a good education and to make her ends meet. Her husband tried to fulfill the needs of the family but nothing was assured. While the stress of the future needs was ever present, her husband suddenly stopped getting work. The only option before them was to go back to their village. Going back to their village meant expecting defeat in face of challenges and she was not ready to concede defeat. As she was contemplating ways to solve the problems, she got to know about the Bhimthadi Jatra. To make a final attempt she participated in the Bhimthadi with the Amla candy that she could prepare. In her first year of participation in the Bhimthadi, she earned a profit of Rs. 5000. As she worried about what to do once Bhimthadi gets over she started getting orders from the customers whom she met during Bhimthadi. With a strong will and her eye on the objective she started her relentless journey. She started marketing her products in exhibitions which are held all year long. She started participating every year in the Bhimthadi Jatra and with the help of other women in Bhimtahdi she picked up skills like packaging and labelling the products. Harshada Modi who was contemplating leaving the city, today owns her own small scale business.