Jyoti Sandip Wable, Mata Jijai Swayamsahayta Gat

Jyoti Sandip Wable, a middle class woman lives in Pune. While her conditions of day to day life were average her desire of achieving something in life did not let her lose hope. One day she met with Hon. Sunanda Vahini and got to know about Bhimathadi Jatra. Because she aimed to achieve something different in her life, she decided to make her own cosmetic products and took a part in Bhimathadi. The response which she got in the Bhimathadi was unbelievable for her. After the Bhimathadi she also got the orders over phone. She started doing various experiments on her products and marketing with the help of different women and Self Help Groups which she met during the Bhimathadi. Her pursuit of providing quality products to her customers kept her striving to make her products better every time. She started her production with the help of Mata Jijabai Self Help Group, then she started her own cosmetic brand named ‘Jyoti Herbal’. Breaking away from the tradition she now plans to start her own cosmetic company. Out of the many success stories that have emerged from the Bhimthadi, this one inspires us follow a different path.