Many Self Help Groups (SHG) of women proved themselves in Bhimthadi Jatra’s successful journey. Many women who have calibre were discovered. It’s our responsibility to appreciate such women in effort to women empowerment. Hence this year’s Bhimthadi Jatra was inaugurated by women from five different Districts. Bhimthadi Jatra has effortlessly tried to support the success of the women for whom this program is being run and promote the success stories of capable women to maximum SHGs. Thus there has been a special bonding between women & Bhimthadi Jatra. For the convenience of Differently able Persons and senior citizens a separate timing of 10 AM to afternoon was reserved. This Bhimthadi Jatra expressed the thoughts sensitivity and sense of belonging. From security’s point of view and looking at the increasing response from visitors Bhimthadi Jatra, CCTV cameras were installed this year.

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  • Total sales of women’s SHGs: 2 Cr.
  • No. of visitors: 1,50,000
  • No. of stalls: 290
  • No. of participating SHGs: 380


  • This year’s Bhimthadi Jatra was inaugurated by women of five different Districts.


  • Hon. Commissioner, Pune District.
  • Hon. District Collector, Pune.
  • Officials from Pune Z.P. Social activist etc.