The tenth year of the Bhimthadi Jatra was inaugurated with wishes for a bright future, by Hon. Mr. Sharad Pawar and his wife Hon. Mrs. Pratibha Pawar. Hon. Mrs. Supriya Sule and Hon. Mr. Dhananjay Mundhe were present for this programme. The Bhimthadi Jatra, through its consistent efforts for rural women's empowerment throughout the last decade has earned the respect of millions. It has also brought about an impactful change in the social, economic and cultural spheres of Maharashtra. This year, the Science Park proved to be the centre of attraction during the Bhimthadi. This park, based on the theme 'Best from Waste', included many scientific experiments and programs about the same. Unless a scientific attitude and environmental awareness is inculcated in the society, sustainable development cannot be achieved, was the thought behind this. This proved to be the speciality of the Bhimthadi Jatra.

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  • Total sales of women’s SHGs: 2 Cr.
  • No. of visitors: 1,50,000
  • No. of stalls: 311
  • No. of participating SHGs: 330


  • Hon. Mr. Sharad Pawar
  • Hon. Mrs. Pratibha Pawar


  • Hon. Mrs. Supriya Sule
  • Hon. Mr. Dhananjay Mundhe
  • Hon. Commissioner, Pune District, Hon. District Collector, Pune.
  • Officials from Pune Z.P. Social activist etc.